Have you ever met a real dummy before? Well, you are in the right place if you haven’t. Perhaps you just took a wrong turn on the information superhighway. If so, take a look around before you get back on the road again.

This website/blog is the result of the Great Ventriloquism Revival in my life.  It isn’t great because of popularity – although it might come to that. It’s great because it is a big step for me to revive it.  Parkinson’s disease adds a difficulty factor to manipulation and memory. If you see my lips move, blame it on the Parkinson’s. If you see a memory problem, blame it on the dummy.  If you see a typo, blame it on my typing teacher in high school.  If you see anything impressive, give God the credit.

I am a Gospel ventriloquist that also does Parkinson’s Awareness meetings.  My characters help me with my Parkinson’s presentations.  All of my characters can help me out, but Freezerburn and Skully the Bonehead specialize in the Parkinson’s awareness arena.

My purpose in this website/blog is to share my sometimes cute, occasionally clever, and always clean ventriloquism with others.  I do not travel much out of my immediate area due to Parkinson’s disease. However, the internet has opened up another way to reach out.  Watch for links to videos, pictures of characters, schedule of events and any new skits.

Thank you,

Kevin T Boekhoff


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