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Years ago as a young Christian, I surrendered to help in the Junior Church group in our church.  I wanted to do something different from the flannel graph used in the Sunday School hour.  I tried using a big box for a puppet stage and have a puppet show.  Then I tried using a frog puppet and ventriloquism.  That was it!  I could do this!

Through the next few years I came up with several characters that my wife built for me.  I bought a bona fide dummy, Danny B Wood, too. My three kids had come along about that time and enjoyed them.  My two oldest even got their own puppets.

One day I surrendered to go to Bible College for a pastoral degree.  I crammed four years into six. Going to college, then founding a church in North Idaho took most of my time.  My characters went into hibernation.

Parkinson’s disease came into my life during my pastoral years.  In 2006, God moved me back to South Dakota.  I began going through the skits I wrote from years ago.  I decided to compile them into a book. I included the best ones in my ventriloquism book, “I Know What You Know Adventures in Gospel Ventriloquism.”

Manipulating the characters, especially the large plush ones proved painful.  So, I donated most of them to my church.  I borrowed them back for the taping of the videos of the skits for “I Know What You Know Adventures in Gospel Ventriloquism.” I felt that I wouldn’t be doing ventriloquism anymore and that this was my last hurrah.

However, one day while speaking to a high school class about Parkinson’s, they had me show them ventriloquism with a skull they had lying around.  I had their attention!  This revived the desire to do ventriloquism again.  I still had Danny B Wood and Snafu.  I bought a skull and made Skully the Bonehead.  I used them whenever I had a chance.

Now, that we are in New Mexico I have built some characters that do not hurt so much to manipulate. Again, I use them whenever God opens the opportunity.

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