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I tried my hand at converting a stuffed animal into a puppet. I can’t sew, but the glue gun works. Here are some pics. IMG_09500021Before I started.

IMG_09510020 Ready for surgery. IMG_09530018 Close up of the mouth.IMG_09540017 Knocked out.IMG_09550016 Searching for the seam on the back.IMG_09560015 Cutting the seam.IMG_09570014 We’re in!IMG_09590013 Inside out head.IMG_09600012 Cutting the lips open.IMG_09640011 An open mouth.IMG_09660010 Tracing the mouth on cardboard.IMG_09690009 The mouth parts.IMG_09700008 Mouth covered and ready.IMG_09710007 The strips help movement. IMG_09730006 Gluing it in.IMG_09750005 Still gluing.IMG_09760004 Making a sleeve for my hand.IMG_09780003 Restuffing him.IMG_09790002 Here we are!IMG_09800001Almost done.

I had to murder a Christmas Teddy bear for the clothes:


Here is my Ringmaster character: Orango Tango.