Booth at Craft Show

I had a booth at a craft show today. God blessed abundantly. I sold several puppets and lots of stuffed animals. AMEN!! I am tired out now. Praise God for a good day physically, too.


Guess what?

Many people in the ministry don’t have much money for puppets / Vent figures. I solved the problem for me by converting stuffed animals into puppets. I have a video on Youtube on how to convert them yourself. I want to be a help to others. My how to video has over 12,000 views.

If you do not want to do it yourself, but would rather purchase a character, I have some available for around $25. Hopefully, within reach of those without the money to buy expensive figures.

I also have a book in print and ebook with skits to help out, too.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

I don’t mean this to push my button, just to let others know of this ministry.

India Bound Puppets


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My video on converting a stuffed animal into a puppet is helping out a missionary and kids in India! How cool is this?

“A puppet story teller and ventriloquist will be going to India to share the good news respectively and will leave puppets for the children to continue sharing Jesus Christ after we leave. These stuffed animals are being made into moving mouth puppets thanks to Kevin Boekhoff’s video. My wife is doing most of the work and we hope to get help from the ladies at the church. We have three dozen stuffed animals to convert into moving mouth puppets. Pray for this India mission project. These are completed animal puppets with moving mouths for India mission project for the children in various villages.”