Danny B. Wood



Danny was delivered to my door on December 8, 1997 by the UPS man.  His creator was Craig Lovik and was marketed as a Knee Pals figure through Maher Studios.  He has been and still is my main character.

Danny has been a lot of places and had been through a lot.  He even had plastic surgery (see “I Know What You Know Adventures in Gospel Ventriloquism for pictures) because he fell and broke his face.  The old auto body repairman came to the rescue, but don’t tell Danny because he doesn’t know that I was a plastic surgeon.  He doesn’t know that I was the reporter/photographer/doctors/nurses/aides etc.

My biggest issue with him is that he has not had the decency to age gracefully or otherwise.  He still looks the same, but I have changed.  He loves to pick on me about this.

Birth Cert2


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