Freezerburn is another of my Parkinson’s Awareness characters.  He loves his job. He says he’s allergic to work and since he doesn’t have to work at this job, he likes it.

Do you have characters in your head that you imitate once in a while?  Well, an old hippy persona has lived in my brain long before he got old.  I decided to give this persona a body.

Freezerburn is an old hippy trying to cope with an ever changing world.  He fried his brain on frozen desserts, thus his name.  He claims he was addicted to giving himself ice cream headaches.  He still tries to wrap his brain around things, but usually ends up doing more damage.


I would share his personal history, but He can’t remember much.  He is a deep thinker, but thinking blows his mind.  His thoughts can be slippery and hard to manage, but he tries.  Maybe one day he will happen across it and be able to share his life story.


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