Skully the Bonehead


I have employed Skully the Bonehead to specialize in Parkinson’s Awareness appearances and promotion.  He got so excited the day he began working with me that he nearly lost his head.

In 2013, I had the privilege to speak to a class at West Central High School in Hartford, SD.  I had graduated from there and never thought I would ever return.  The old building had been torn down and a new one replaced it – I will never know how long my paper airplane stayed on the beam in the gym. Sigh.

As I spoke to the class of juniors and seniors on Parkinson’s disease, I mentioned I used to do ventriloquism.  When I said that I didn’t have a character along, they broke out a human skull for me to use. It was difficult to hold and manipulate the jaw at the same time, but I had their attention.

As I drove home, I thoDSC_03510001ught about the versatility of a skull.  I ordered a replica. I put dark sunglasses and a baseball cap on it.  Skully the Bonehead!  Being an exact replica, he weighed what a real skull would weigh. He went with me back to the class.



Page 220001Since then, he has helped me with Parkinson’s presentations, and even got in Faces of South Dakota magazine with me.


One day, he fell through the plastic bag I was carrying him in and suffered a severe blow to the head.  It proved fatal.  I retired Skully.

IMG_0356I always wanted to revive him and happened across a plastic life-sized Halloween decoration that was very light.  I got out the sunglasses and hat and Skully was back as Skully the Bonehead II! But I didn’t like the “evil” look. So, I tried to sculpt one out of foam – a disaster. Besides, would I have to change his name to Skully the Foamhead?

I thought about it until I thought I would try something wild.  Why not cover the Halloween decoration with fleece? Slowly and steadily I glued fleece on him until Skully the Bonehead III appeared.

0003280001This version of him has become the popular, because he looks cuter.  Yes, even skulls can be cute.


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